Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy India

What is Magnetic Therapy?

This is simply the use of magnets to heal the assorted problems. The method is used on animals and humans with similar results. The most frequent use is to calm inflammation and to ease chronic pain. This is applied directly on to the skin, exactly where on the skin being dependent on the practitioner. Some people apply magnets to specific points in the body regardless of where the pain is. Particularly, this is based on a theory of realigning the magnetic fields of the body enhances a person's general well- being. Yet, there is no scientific study to show that the Magnet Therapy actually works and is beneficial. However, the method of applying magnets directly to affected areas may have some scientific proof to back it up.

A Little History about Magnetic Therapy:

The Chinese originally used lodestone, a natural magnetic rock, in their treatments, thousands of years ago. While much of Chinese medicine is still considered to be an alternative, many people swear by it. Magnets have no exception.

Does Magnetic Therapy Actually Work?

We already know that magnets can be very powerful. And they have been used for many years to help us in diagnosing the medical problems and in many industrial applications. There are many claims that the magnets work on the endorphins in the body. This helps in preventing pain, in that they work on certain glands aiding the release of certain hormones that helps healing. Our bodies are full of cells containing iron (particularly blood). In Magnet Therapy, the magnets through the attraction of iron, increases blood flow to an area and therefore healing is faster and pain relief is significantly reduced.

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